The Wilding Issue of 1954-1967 and My Facebook Page Pristine Canadian and British West African Stamps is Now Launched!

Now that I have completed my series of detailed posts about the 1953-1967 Karsh Issue, I should hopefully be ready to start posting about the next series which was in use from 1954-1967. This issue is called the Wilding Issue, and it is much more complicated than the Karsh Issue.  I expect that my posts will be spread out over several days as follows:

1. Overview post on the Wilding Issue 1954-1967.
2. Shade differences on the Wilding Issue and aniline inks.
3. Overview of paper and gum varieties on the Wilding Issue.
4. Fluorescent papers on the Wilding Issue.
5. Winnipeg tagging on the Wilding Issue.
6. Plate blocks and plate sheets of the Wilding Issue.
7. Booklets, Cello-Paqs and Coils of the Wilding Issue.
8. The official "G" overprints of the Wilding Issue.
9. Proof Material of the Wilding Issue.
10. Errors, Gutter Pairs and Partially Imperforate Varieties of the Wilding Issue.
11. Postal stationery and postal history of the Wilding Issue.

Given that there were a staggering 20 plates used to print some of the stamps from this issue, I might have to spread the post dealing with the plate blocks over two posts. 

Pristine Canadian Stamps is Now Launched!

I have now finally implemented my Facebook page, where you can find all of my past posts in my timeline, which makes finding them a bit easier than trying to navigate the blog. I will add each new post for both my stamp blogs to the timeline. The link for my page is:

Today, I will be adding all of my past posts to the timeline. 

Have a great weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with my overview post of the Wilding Issue. 


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