Our Store Is Having a 25% off Sale!!


In preparing for our move to New Brunswick, we have decided that the time has come to offer a large portion of our classic stamps to collectors at significantly reduced prices.  Until November 17, 2016 all our mint hinged stamps and a few of our used and NH stamps will be offered at 25% off our regular prices.

This means that a stamp that lists for $100 in Unitrade, is now priced for between $45 and $75 depending on the exact grade. Also, at the present time we are not required to charge HST on our sales. This will soon change, but for now Canadian buyers have an opportunity to acquire some very desirable stamps at substantial savings from what most dealers will charge, after HST is factored in.

Also remember that we only charge once for shipping, no matter how many stamps you buy. So if you live in Canada, you pay a flat 85 cents, and anywhere else a flat $2.

The store link to all our listings is given below:


Happy hunting!


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