Shade Varieties Of The 2c Green and 3c Carmine Rose Wilding Issue 1954-1963

The next two stamps in this series have fewer shades than the others. However, there are a few that are very distinct:

On the 2c value the following shades are found:

1. Bright green
2. Green
3. Light dull green (usually on the high plates 11-20 and the cello-paqs.)
4. Dull green (usually on the high plates 11-20 and the cello paqs.)
5. Deep green (usually on the low plates 1-9)

On the 3c value:

1. Carmine
2. Carmine rose
3. Deep carmine

On this value, the carmine rose shade is almost a bright cerise. It seems to be found usually on the earlier printings. The later printings and tagged stamps seem to mostly be either carmine or deep carmine.


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