Shade Varieties Of The 4c Wilding Issue -1954-1963

The 4c violet in this issue rivals the 5c in terms of its complexity. The shades range from rosy violet and milky violet on the one hand through to deep purple violet, to deep blackish violet on the other hand. The progression is so gradual though that it is easy to see a large group of 4c stamps and think that they are all more or less the same. However, as with all the stamps of this series, patient and careful examination will reward you with many variations that are actually quite obvious when youn see them.

The shade varieties that I have found are as follows:

On plates 1-12n, the booklet panes and coil stamps:

1. Deep violet
2. Violet
3. Deep bright violet
4. Deep milky violet
5. Milky violet
6. Bluish violet
7. Bright violet
8. Bluish milky violet
9. Purple violet
10. Dull  violet

On plates 15-19:

1. Bluish violet
2. Violet
3. Dull violet
4. Deep violet
5. Light violet
6. Milky violet
7. Rosy violet
8. Deep rosy violet
9. Blackish violet


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