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The Appeal of Canadian Stamps

Canada  has much to offer the collector looking for a challenge, as well as the collector seeking beautiful examples of engraver’s art. The stamps of this country offer a challenge in their complexity, as any student of the Large Queens, Small Queens and Centennials can attest to. In addition,  Canada  is one of the few countries to have used the process of engraving stamps for as long as they did. Until 1968 all Canadian stamps were engraved, and the stamps offer some of the best examples of skilled engraving by such master craftsman as Yves Baril, Silas Robert Allen, Robert Savage and Alfred Jones. These men brought us the innovative modern simplicity of the Cameo Issue, the intricacy of the Scroll Issue, the dignified Admiral issue and the Large and Small Queens.   In addition to eye appeal, Canadian stamps offer a springboard for fascinating studies of inks, papers and cancellations. For the collector who loves shades, look no further than the Large Queens, Small Queens, or Admira