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Our First Weekly Auction is a Success and Our Second One is Off to a Strong Start

Last week's auction saw spiritied bidding by a small handful of customers and new participants. The auction program that I chose turned out to have all kinds of probems, but my customers were good sports and we worked through them. Of the 40 lots on offer, 36 of them sold and while the prices were soft, I was glad to see the bidders get some deals. With the conclusion of that auction I replaced the app that did not work with a new one that is much more robust, and have put the current auction up for public viewing: All 40 lots are selected to be cover a wide range of price ranges and periods within Canadian philately. Although a few of the stamps are the more commonly seen "meat and potatoes" stamps, I try to include material that you will not see regularly on offer at marketplaces like e-Bay, Happy Bidding!

Announcing Our First Weekly Unreserved Auction! Closing August 28, 2019 at 8pm Atlantic!

It has been many months since I have written a post. The business went through a difficult period and I had to focus all my attention on altering the business model and surviving our departure from e-Bay. However, I am pleased to announce that soon my postings will be able to resume, hopefully by October. In the meantime, I am introducing a weekly public auction. It will close every Wendnesday at 8pm Atlantic time and will feature 40 different stamps, booklets or covers taken from my inventory. The lots will be carefully selected to try to give bidders a range of material to bid on, both in terms of the periods covered, and the price range of material. My intention is for people to have fun and therefore most of the lots are not too expensive. Bidding starts at just $1 per item and proceeds in $1 increments. Check out the first auction at the link below, and watch this space for weekly announcements: Weekly Auction, Closing August 28, 2019 at 8pm Atlantic