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The 6c Orange Transportation Stamp of the 1967-1973 Centennial Issue Part Two

Today's post will get into the remaining printings of the sheet stamps of the 6c orange transportation design. This is an interesting stamp because it proved to be wholly unsuitable for the mail sorting machines that the post office was introducing. Collectors who spend a significant amount of time with this issue will note that the Winnipeg tagging is often very difficult to see on these stamps, even under UV light. This is one of the reasons why the orange colour was dropped and replaced with black in early 1970. Last week I looked at the very first printings of the sheet stamps, which were comb perforated 10. This week, I will explore the later printings of the untagged stamps, which were comb perforated 12.5 x 12, and the tagged stamps that were issued in both perforations. Unlike the perf. 10 stamps that I looked at last week, there are no known fluorescent orange ink varieties known on either the perf. 12.5 x 12 untagged stamps, or the Winnipeg tagged stamps. However, the

The 5c Atlantic Fishing Village Stamp of the 1967-1973 Centennial Issue Part Three And 6c Orange Transportation Part One

This week's post, as will my posts over the next several weeks will have to be made much shorter than usual due to some severe constraints on my time. Basically, I have to focus on the completion of my website, so that I can make the transition away from E-bay successfully. So, for the next several weeks I will not be able to devote an entire day to blog writing. But, I do not want to leave my readers hanging with no new material, so I have decided to continue posting, but to publish shorter than usual posts. Then, once my website is operational, I can resume the longer posts. With that I mind, I will finish the 5c Atlantic Fishing Village stamp, by looking at the printings of the coil stamp, and then I will begin looking at the untagged sheet stamp of the 6c orange transportation design, with the sheet stamps perforated 10. The 5c Atlantic Fishing Village Coil Stamps - Unitrade/Scott #468 This was the last of the coil stamps to be printed by the Canadian Bank Note Comp

The 5c Atlantic Fishing Village Stamp of the 1967-1973 Centennial Issue Part Two

Last week, I dealt with the printings of the untagged sheet stamps of the 5c stamp from the series which depicts an Atlantic fishing village. This week, I will explore the printings of the tagged sheet stamps, as well as those stamps issued in booklets and miniature panes. This was one of three low values from the set, for which no general Ottawa tagged stamps exist, the other two being the 6c orange and the 7c emerald green. In the case of the 6c and 7c, the reason is because postal rate increases had made both values obsolete by 1972, when general tagging was introduced. However, there was still a need for a 5c stamp, though by 1972, there was no longer a specific rate which required this stamp. So the 5c stamps in 1972 were make-up stamps. The stamps thus exist only with Winnipeg tagging. Until December 1968, the tagging was the 2 side bar variety, which was used for first class stamps, except the 1c-3c, which also had it. Starting in December 1968, after the first class rate had