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The Silver Jubilee Issue of 1935

Today's post comes about 24 hours later than I wanted it to. Unfortunately I have had some issues come up in respect of my mortgage financing, which I had to attend to for a good chunk of the afternoon. Hopefully, the issues are resolved now, but either way it is time to commence my posts on the material issued starting in 1935 when the Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN) regained the contract for printing Canadian postage stamps. The 1935 Silver Jubilee Issue, which commemorated the 25th anniversary of King George V's accession to the throne, was the first to be produced by the CBN. It is a very pretty, well designed set, that offers some nice opportunities for the specialist looking to form a smaller, more focused collection. There are not a lot of paper varieties, or shades, or plate flaws. However, there are a decent number of plate blocks, imperfs, and proofs, as well as OHMS perfins to challenge you. The real challenge though lies in the plate proof cross gutter blocks, o