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Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Donation Button Has Been Added

Those of you who read this blog may now notice a Paypal donation button has been added in the right margin of the navigation bar.

I want to emphasize to all of you that I am not expecting anything from my readers. I write this blog because of my desire to share my philatelic knowledge and experience with the philatelic community at large.

Nevertheless I do recognize that there are some of you who may feel that you have derived such enjoyment or value from reading my posts that you wish to contribute to my ability to continue to write them in some way. Therefore after much discussion with my partner, I have added a donate button to the blog.

But, please, please. please do not interpret its presence as a request for a handout. It is not. I want everyone to enjoy reading my posts without feeling that they are in any way obligated to donate anything.

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