Off On Vacation for 2 Weeks And The New Brixton Chrome Website Is Finally Ready

I must apologize again to my readers for another break in the continuity of my posts. I had resumed posting last week and had hoped to complete this week's post today before I go on vacation tomorrow for two weeks. However, the final content edits that I had to make to the my new website took more time than I expected, so unfortunately I did not get a chance to prepare this week's post.

However, the website is now completely functional. The only thing I have left to do is migrate these blogs to it, install the language translation app and connect all the social media sales channels. I will deal with all that when I return, as well as resuming my regular posting schedule. I do apologize for all the interruptions, but I can promise you all that I don't have any other plans, except possibly to take a week in January next year. So, you can look forward to at least 2 or three uninterrupted months of postings.

The website itself has been well worth the effort and the patience that it has taken to complete it. It is my belief that it has the potential to be a truly world-class website and resource for stamp collectors. In its pages you will find all the information you could be looking for regarding major topics of concern to intermediate and advanced collectors, and an entire section devoted to beginners. There is also an emphasis on trying to get in touch with your innermost interests as a collector, in order to help you identify other collecting possibilities that may be well suited to you, which you may not have considered yet. There is a fast, and intelligent live search function that will bring up a list of possible matches as you type into the search bar, and I have my material laid out in different collections, organized along topical lines, which you can browse at your leisure.

So, while I am away, I would strongly encourage you to visit the new website and explore its pages. If any of you have any suggestions as to topics you would like to see covered, or issues that you think should be addressed, please send me a comment.

I look forward to resuming my regular posting schedule, once and for all, starting with the 50c Summer's Stores Stamp of the 1967-73 Centennial Issue on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

Until then, you can visit the new website at:


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