Our Third Weekly Auction Turns Up The Heat

Having held two successful auctions now, it is time to introduce more high value material. In this week's sale there are multiple stamps cataloguing over $200, and mostly all in VF condition. Of note there is a 5c perf. 14 surcharge from British Columbia, an 8c Numeral and a beatifully centered 2c Maple Leaf.

Postal history features some nice material also, with a mint 10c Nesbitt envelope from 1860, a lovely 1961 registered cover to Czechoslovakia with a mixture of definitives and contemporary commemoratives, and many other items.

I have tried to include something for everyone, though we have listened to our bidders and left out much of the modern 1970's and 1980's material, as well as the 1930's unless such stamps are pristine NH.

All but one lot sold last week, and there were many bargains that were had, due to low bidder turnout. Thus you would do well to take a look at the auction and get your bids in early, as earlier bids win in case of ties, which did happen last week, believe it or not.

You can view the auction here:


Prices realized from last week can be viewed here:



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