Additional Posts for The 1954-1967 Wilding Issue

After working extensively with the plate blocks of this issue, I feel that it is necessary to write some additional in-depth posts about this issue before moving on to the next definitive issue. In the next three weeks or so, I will start to write posts on the following topics:

1. Shade varieties on the 1c violet brown
2. Shade varieties on the 2c green
3. Shade varieties on the 4c violet
4. Shade varieties on the 5c blue
5. Position dots on the plate blocks
6. The gum on the Wilding issues - collectible varieties versus random variations.
7. The Dull Fluorescent Papers.
8. The scarcity of superb stamps in modern Canadian philately.
9. Forming a specialized collection of plate blocks of the Wilding Issue.
10. The existence of cracked plates on the Wilding Issue.
11. Constant plate varieties on the booklet covers.

Watch this space starting after Christmas for these posts. In the meantime, if you would like to see the plate blocks I have listed so far, click on the following link:


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