Brief Hiatus in Posts and No Longer Posting to Groups on a Daily Basis

I have come to the end of my detailed posts on the Wilding definitive issue of 1954-1967. However, I am way, way behind on my listings of this issue in my E-bay store. So while I could write about a completely different topic, I have decided that it would be best if I completed the listings of the material for this issue in my e-bay store. If you are intrigued about these issues having ready my posts on the topic and wish to view the stamps that I have for sale, the link to my store is:

I expect that listing all the material that I have for this issue will take me at least a full week. Once I have completed it and I am ready to start working on the next definitive issue, which is the 1963-1967 Cameo Issue, then I can start to write posts again about that issue. So if you have read all my posts, I would encourage you to check back here around December 2 or December 3, 2015. By then, I will either have my overview post of this issue published, or an update as to when I expect to have it done. If you haven't read all my posts, I encourage you to go back through the listing at the right sidebar, as I have a large number of posts about all aspects of the Queen Victoria issues. They are not quite as detailed as the postings for Queen Elizabeth II, as I don't have as much material to work with as I do for QE2. However, you should still find plenty of useful insights that come from my years of personal experience in working with these stamps, that are not listed in any stamp catalogue.

Also, I will not be sharing my posts with Facebook groups each and every time I publish a post, as it is taking far too much time to do this with every group I am a member of. I will post every post to both my timeline and my store page:

So if you like reading my posts and want to receive notifications of new posts as they are published, you can either follow my store page, or become a follower on my blog. I will occasionally share posts to groups, but not every day.

Happy collecting everyone!!


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